Situational Awareness & Survival Training
for the Real World.

NOTICE: Due to inclement weather from Hurricane Harvey, we will be postponing the August 26 Situational Awareness & Survival Training sessions. The new date will be September 16.

It’s common today for you to be walking in public with your ear buds cranking out music and your head buried in your phone; completely unaware of your surrounding reality. But what if that reality suddenly turned sour? Would you be ready to face it or would you be caught off guard and unaware?

Gain the skills and confidence to be more in tune with your surroundings, whether it’s on a college campus or a business or leisure trip. Join elite former Navy SEAL and U.S. Marines in a unique training opportunity as they guide you through mental and physical practices that can keep you safe if you encounter an unexpected or life-threatening scenario. This is necessary college prep for students, but equally valuable for all adults.

Public Sessions: September 16th, 8AM - NOON or 1PM - 5PM
AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center - Downtown Austin
You’ll come away:
CONFIDENT: Situational Awareness & Survival Training


You’ll gain the confidence to take control of your surroundings.

AWARE: Situational Awareness & Survival Training


Improve awareness to environmental clues that could indicate danger.

CONNECTED: Situational Awareness & Survival Training


Connect to elite instructors and on- going tips for life.

PREPARED: Situational Awareness & Survival Training


Learn survival skills for todays world.

"I feel like I can handle many different situations much better now. It’s new information and I would recommend it. I enjoyed the instructors very much!”
- Jenna M., Round Rock, TX
Be Aware. This is training like no other. This is training for life.
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*You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this event.