CRP Course

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Course Overview

Black Tree’s CRP is an 8 hour program designed by a former Navy SEAL and a former Marine. Our goal is to combine combatives with firearms training in a safe environment that encompasses realistic scenarios. We have developed a condensed one-day program consisting of self-protection techniques that includes training in the mat room and on the firing ranges. We have integrated striking, counters to strikes and holds, weapons retention and ground fighting techniques with gun familiarization, manipulation, target acquisition and accuracy. This A La Carte gives you a brief insight as to what programs Black Tree has to offer. Upon completion, combine or chose our detailed training packages that will help guide you, your family and friends in achieving their goals.

This course is most effective with groups of 5 or 10. You will be asked to name the group you are with; without a group, your ticket may be cancelled and fully refunded.


Black Tree Ranch
1070 Hwy 71 W
Smithville, TX 78657

*You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this event.

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