Black Tree proudly supports the U.S. Military and civilian law enforcement.   Everyone at Black Tree, from the Owner and President, to the those in the Admin office, are either a former or retired member of the U.S. Military or a civilian Law Enforcement agency or, has lived or been employed in those sectors.  We fully understand and appreciate the importance in realistic, hands-on training and the ability to “Train as you fight”.  We also know firsthand the unavailability of adequate training sites and scarcity of training funds can lead to mission failure.   Therefore, Black Tree offers special discounted prices on range rental and training experiences to those who put their lives on the line for us each and every day.

Located on nearly 300 acres of land just outside Austin, TX, Black Tree offers an ideal location for training in military tactics.  Rugged wooded terrain coupled with both covered and open firing ranges, makes Black Tree a perfect location to train any military unit.  Our elite team of instructors come from both the United States Marines and Naval Special Warfare (SEAL Team 5).  Call us today and let us customize a training experience for your unit at a cost that fits within your budget.

Email us to inquire about our custom training courses and schedules.